Frequently Asked Questions

For Companies

How can I create a Company Profile?

To create a Company Profile you first need to register your organization at HR.AM website.

What to do after registration?

After registration our representative will contact you to verify and approve your information (normally within 24 hours) and prepare a contract for you to sign.

How can I submit a vacancy announcement?

After registration of Company Profile and contract sign you can log in to your profile and submit a vacancy announcement

In which language I can post a vacancy announcement?

At you can post vacancy announcement both in Armenian and English languages. We strongly suggest to post vacancies in both Armenian and English in order to reach larger number of potential candidates.

How long can vacancy announcement be active?

A vacancy announcement is active for 1 month.

How long it takes to publish a vacancy on

A vacancy announcement can be published at during 1 working day.

For what reasons the vacancy can be unpublushed or removed?

We reserve the right to remove any vacancy from website if any of the following takes place:
  1. Job posting rules are not preserved
  2. Vacancy announcement contains advertisement
  3. Vacancy announcement contains any fraud, abusive information
  4. Vacancy announcement contains any statement that contradicts to the Labor Code of RA

What is Smart Search system for?

Smart Search system was created to make candidate-to-vacancy matching a reality. As you search for any position, using a keyword(s), displays all the available vacancies along with the matching suggestions related to your skills profile.

How can I read the service packages?

To get information about services at, please feel free to contact us at

How can I delete Company Profile?

To delete a Company Profile, please contact us at

For Users

Why do I need to register at

If you are searching for job then this is your ultimate stop. HR.AM allows you to:
  1. Search and apply for largest number of jobs in Armenia that are updated daily
  2. Create your profile or upload your resume
  3. Start immediately matching your profile with available jobs
  4. Get noticed by companies and contacted with potential opportunities

How can I create an online resume?

To create an online resume you should:
  1. Register on HR.AM via email, Facebook or Linkedin.
  2. Upload a resume (.doc or .pdf) or create your visual profile in minutes.

Who can see my personal information and resume?

Only registered companies have an access to your profile data. At HR.AM we never post any of your personal information without your permission.

How can I search for a certain job announcement?

Search is located on the home page. We strongly suggest to build your profile first, so that all the search data will be matched with your profile, bringing you relevant informationand saving your time searching for your desired position.

How can I apply for a job opening?

To apply for a job opening you can:
  1. Select the job you like and click Apply button. We suggest building your profile first, since it will give immediate visibility to companies searching for the candidate.
  2. You can also attach your resume (.doc or .pdf) and send for any particular opening available.

How can I see whether I match to job announcement?

You can easily see that in search results or by opening (browsing) any available job on the website.

How can I unsubscribe from the notifications or edit them?

To edit notifications or unsubscribe you need to log in to HR.AM website and go to "Subscription" located udner your profile.

How can I remove my profile from

To completely remove your profile from directory please send an email with subject "Profile Remove" to