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IFC Markets is a subdivision of the IFCM Group. Its activity is connected with development and execution of different projects in the area of financial technologies.Programming and cunsluting subdivision of company is operating in Armenia starting from 2012.
IFC Markets is an International Financial company providing services in trading currency pairs, precious metals, Index CFDs, Stock CFDs, Commodity CFDs.
In addition, IFC Markets has launched an innovative trading method GeWorko, through which it is possible to create personal composite instruments (PCI) in the trading-analytic platform NetTradeX and instantly obtain their price history.
The most important feature that distinguishes IFC Markets from other companies is the provision of its own new-generation trading-platform NetTradeX. This program is the result of several years work of highly-qualified programmers of the NetTradeX Company, also included in the group

The main goal of IFC Markets is to provide clients with top-level services, including: trade without request, no matter what volume of trade you are performing, instant execution of all kinds of orders, low spreads, contact capability within a few minutes from any part of the world, and 24-hour tech support. IFC Markets is currently involved in creating of subsidiary branches in different regions and countries worldwide.

The company is incorporated in the British Virgin Islands with registration number № 669838 and conforms to all internationally accepted standards for offering brokerage and financial services.
Please read more visiting www.ifcmarkets.com .

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